Monday, 5 September 2011

Monday Musings - Nordic Bakery

I have recently discovered that I just love cooking and baking, who knew! I am so eager to try all kinds of Finnish recipes, it has opened up an appreciation for my heritage and traditional Finnish fare. I am now listening intently to my Dad’s stories of what they ate as kids and am finding Finnish and foodie blogs so inspiring.
I stumbled across this book on the weekend featuring recipes from Nordic Bakery, and was so excited! Nordic Bakery is located in London and serves Scandinavian food *love*. I sure wish they had one in my neighbourhood. I've taken some photos of images in the book (with my iphone, apologies for the quality) to show you how lovely it is! You really should get yourself a copy, if not to try the recipes just to ogle the images.

Vegetable and blue cheese tart

Karelian pies (Karjalanpiirakka)
Cardamom doughnuts

Christmas star pastries (Joulutorttu)

Little butter buns

Boston cake (Bostonkakku)

Needless to say a few of these dishes will be making (or already have made) an appearance on my blog. You know I am going to try them out. You also know I am going to share. Some of the recipes vary a little from those that I have acquired from my grandmother and Mum, I am up for variety so will appreciate being able to sample them.
During my search for inspiration I also came across this lovely blog. Not only are the dishes featured AMAZING the photography is sublime. Enjoy!

** This is not a sponsored post but I would welcome with a smile any samples Nordic Bakery would like to send my way. Image rights: Ryland, Peters & Small.


  1. YUm yum... Baking is so much fun!!! Even more fun when you are doing it for entertaining purposes so even more people can enjoy :)

  2. More yumminess here!
    It's interesting how the stories and details of my heritage bored me senseless until I hit about twenty.
    My poor Dad really tried too!
    Now it's me bugging my family with questions & sentiment.

  3. [Mouth watering alert] Can't wait to see some of these recipes...and to try them of course...and for the opportunity they bring to practice my new found skill of Finnish husband was impressed with my pronunciation of "Makaroonilaatikko" by the way...that is until I had to refer to my palm card (sticky note with your tips) ;)

  4. Anonymous7:52 pm GMT+8

    Ooooooh, would be totally OK with you bringing them in to work for me to taste test. Would have absolutely no issues with that :)

  5. Oh Peggy those Cardamon Donuts have my name all over them!

  6. I know what you mean Shar, I am in exactly the same boat. I was inclined to take notes the other day when my Dad was talking about picking potatoes! ha!

    @ Teresa, well done you! I have a few recipes of my grandmother's to share, keep those palm cards handy. :)

    @ sezzleberry, you know I am packing...pastries!

    @ Cass, I haven't tried cardamom donuts before, how gorgeous do they look!


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