Monday, 12 September 2011

Monday Musings - Greenspiration!

The spring weather is amazing right now! The sun could not shine brighter if it tried. And the sky, so, so blue. I might harp on a bit about how much I love the warmer months, and especially now that spring is showing off. When it is cooler I find myself gazing at images that depict the warmer months – the beach, the outdoors, sunshine. So it’s no surprise I found these images an inspiration today with the spring weather upon us. I am a big fan of green; it may possibly be my next favourite colour after pink. I am sharing these beautiful images as an ode to spring. And to my Mum. If she were a season, she would be my spring.

Little bubbles of bliss... SUNSHINE. garden love. supporting Cate Bolt on twitter with her Project 18 mission (I LOVE this lady!). my Sunday Finnish bake-fest (3 types of pulla buns, recipes to follow soon). this awesome foodie blog, his photos are truly inspiring. the blog of this old soul; you may want to follow her on her journey to enlightenment ~ guaranteed teachings, laughs and maybe even tears. a Sunday stroll. fresh flowers that fill the house with lily scent. hubby's famous grilled whole fish (it's our Sunday roast). And of course, love and laughter with my boys.
If you have not yet voted for Cate Bolt’s dream for a sustainable industry providing education and hope to the people of Ringdikit Bali, please do so here. It will take you all of 3 minutes, I promise. And costs nothing. Cate has done the legwork, now she needs our help to make it happen. And please, spread the word.
Enjoy your green spring days!

{Image source: Pinterest}


  1. Thanks for the plug :D + oooooooooh those photos are lushdeliciousdelectablefeastformyeyes. xx Floss

  2. I would love to be your spring and bring a smile on your face on a rainy day! Enjoy the sunshine and keep it shining for when I come down, please. xx

  3. You're welcome Floss. :) xo

    Mum, that is TOO sweet! You always put a smile on my face. I will keep the sun out, see you soon. xo

  4. What a beautiful post Peggy, I also love green and these images are a fab collection of such a pretty colour.
    I also just realised that I may have inadvertently joined in with you on some kind of link up post... when you're not actually having a link up! ;o)
    I racked my brain last night with what to call my post for yesterday and the word musing kept coming back to me. I'm not sure if it was in my sub conscious from seeing another post of yours, but I've just had a look back and noticed you post your Monday Musings every week. How funny! Maybe you should consider making it a linky in the future ;o) Have a lovely day Peggy xo

  5. Thanks Julie. Funny you should say that, I was thinking to message you to ask if you wanted to do a linky after seeing your Monday Musings post last night. I nearly wrote it in my comment under your post! I actually thought maybe you were doing Monday Musings and I inadvertently saw an older post of yours when I started mine! haha funny!

    Have a great day too Jules. :) xx


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