Thursday, 1 September 2011

Alone in the Valley


Anyone that knows me knows I am happiest when I am with my boys. My favourite place in the world is wherever they are. I can be perched on the lounge with my boys without a plan in the world and I could not be happier. I would not wish to be anywhere else.
I also enjoy my own company. If my boys are out or have plans that exclude me I take the opportunity to spend time just being with me. I love alone time. I make the most of time I get to myself by sitting at a cafe, reading a book, enjoying the sunshine sitting by the river or doing something outdoors enjoying the fresh air. I am never short of ideas if I have an hour or two to spend alone.
Recently my son had to attend a get-together with school friends in the Swan Valley. The valley is a good 45 minute drive from our house, so I didn't fancy driving home to then have to head back an hour later to pick him up. So I jumped into my car and just drove down the main dash, spotted a quirky cafe sign in a side street and pulled in. The Swan Valley is the total opposite to our suburb. Our 'hood has massive trees lining the streets and is very shady and very cosy. The valley is very open and vast and covered in sprawling vineyards. The cafe I decided to sit at was adjacent to a vineyard. Perfect.
As I sat down to browse the menu I took in the fresh air and the sunshine. It was the grandest of days weather wise. Perfect. I ordered a pasta dish (which I can say was probably one of the best pasta dishes I have tasted in awhile, just delicious!) and dessert, of course. While I was waiting for my food I simply enjoyed my surroundings. A family of 5 with chatty but oh-so-well behaved kids, a couple who I would say were on their first or second date (you can just tell), an elderly couple - she was cuddling her long-haired daschund, a big group of friends tasting wine and laughing lots. I love people watching. I find myself smiling when I see happy people doing just as I am, enjoying the moment.
Even sitting there alone I am far from lonely. I am inspired to write about how lovely it is. I want to share the beauty of the view, the tranquility, the food, the music.
I love nothing more than being with my boys, I'll choose time with them over anything else. When I am presented with a quiet, alone moment though, I don't want to waste it being indoors thinking about what needs to be done. I'm using it to unwind, rejuvenate, enjoy and take in my surroundings. No rush, no agenda. I relish in the slow paced moments.

And then I am racing home to be with my loves again.
Of course I took some photos of my moments in the valley to share with you. Enjoy!


  1. Oh wow Peggy!

    It all just looks to die for!

    And that pasta, my fave combo for sure!

    A beautiful post xx

  2. The pasta was AMAZING!! I am going to try to make it myself this weekend, will let you know how I go.

    Glad you're back. :) xo

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous pics! I adore alone time. Your writing is like a breath of fresh air...beautiful to read. xoxox

  4. Thank you Kellie, that's lovely. I sometimes wonder if I am boring readers to tears, so nice to know it appeals on some level.

    I would love to have an SLR, so many beautiful images in every day life that I can't help but take shots.

    Thanks again for dropping in. :) xo


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