Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Pika Art

I remember as a kid I was in awe of my Mum’s artistic talent. I could ask her to draw anything and she’d sketch away and voila, the perfect drawing!

A few years ago we decided to take up art class together. The class was held in Fremantle at Kidogo Art Institute, right on the water with a view of the ocean through the wooden shutters. Perfect. We booked in for a 2 hour class that went as long as we pleased and would often be preceded with waffles and ice cream at Gelare (well why not!?). In class we learnt how to sketch with charcoal and pencil, and paint with oil and acrylic. Mum could whip out her brush and mere strokes later present the prettiest painting. These are 2 of her paintings that I put dibs on (and promptly stole when she packed up her old abode) before the paint had dried. The photos unfortunately do not do the paintings any justice, they are much more radiant in the flesh.

Aren’t they just gorgeous?! We were both inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe. I painted a red canna which I am yet to finish, and Mum was attracted to her poppy versions. Fast forward 6 years and a retirement later and my artistic Mother now enjoys art in many forms. I get emails with attachments of drawings she has whipped up on a Tuesday afternoon or designs she has made to be screen printed. I have hinted heavily that my office walls are in need of some prettiness. I also hinted that I just love the Chrysler building. Watch this space.
So the past few months she has been sketching, screen printing, painting and designing her way into her first ever Art Quest. And by golly she WON! She won first prize for this drawing (my favourite):

And second prize for this drawing (my other favourite):

How talented is she! I am so proud, I was smiling from ear to ear when I heard the news. 
Proudest daughter in the world!


  1. Thanks Pegs! You have always been my biggest fan and I love you for it xx

  2. Well I have always loved your work! Master T is quite the fan too. Well done Mum. xo


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