Monday, 29 August 2011

Monday Musings - Spring is nigh!

I am not going to lie, Monday mornings are a hard task. Waking up is not a problem but waking up with energy is another story. And then to get my head around routine and having to move fast is difficult after an awesomely relaxing and slow-paced weekend. I am dozy.
My husband was chuckling this morning, seeing me willingly wake up super early is a novelty. He has seen me struggle with dragging myself up in the mornings for a good decade and to see me get up early so I can enjoy a spot of blogging is amusing to him. This morning however I could not muster up the mental energy to think of what to write about. I was quite literally without a thought. Or a word. That is also amusing (can you imagine, ME lost for words?!). So this morning I decided to enjoy reading other blog posts rather than try to focus my hazy mind on my Monday Musings. And I thoroughly enjoyed that. What a lovely way to start my Monday.

I got a real kick out of Baby Mac's post about her appreciation for her lovely abode, and her sparkling windows (simple things, I like the simple things). Sparkling windows are a sign that spring is just around the corner. My Mum used to take annual leave, when she was still working, to clean her windows. And from memory it was usually around the start of spring. I am a city girl at heart but seeing Baby Mac’s adorable abode with its sparkling windows and that lawn makes me want to consider, just for a small moment, a move to the country. I wonder if she would let us move in.

Little bubbles of bliss... spring days. Sunday laughs by the river. enjoying the small moments. Instagram (loving the snapshots of daily life). twitter shout outs *love*. baking up a storm. homemade Finnish Joulutorttu. the thought that it is time to dryclean the winter coats and pack them away. and once again, no housework.

I bet you're wondering how crazy my abode must be looking right about now huh, 2 weekends of no housework. Good thing hubby did the laundry. My windows look the complete opposite to Baby Mac's!

Make your Monday fabulous!

{Image source Pinterest}


  1. My Monday has been on my knees scrubbing the floors. There is no better way of doing them than that. Windows were cleaned on the week end, now the floors and I'm ready for long hot summer. Happy spring to you xx

  2. And what better day to spend scrubbing floors! You don't want to spend a Sunday doing that. I had a feeling you would be busily spring cleaning. My windows are booked in (to be done by me) on my next AL in October. Look out! xx

  3. Window cleaning is on the list!
    The very long list!
    Weekends are too precious to waste on housework all the time - right?

  4. Absolutely! I had this grand idea to do my housework when I get in on a Friday evening, to free up my weekend. But Friday nights are just too precious to 'work' after working all day. Great thought though. :)


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