Friday, 5 August 2011

The Lettuce Shop - Making Life Simpler!

Quite honestly I am not a fan of shopping, I would rather spend my spare time at home or outdoors. I find strolling around a mall a bit of a waste of time. The only time I could say I really enjoy  the mall is when I am spending time with my Mum, and that entails more chinwagging and consuming coffee than actual purchasing. A friend of mine recently told me she buys almost everything online. Clothes, shoes, cosmetics, toiletries. Genius. So after hearing a lot of people talking about The Lettuce Shop I decided to make my first online purchase of something I would usually buy at a local store.
The Lettuce Shop is an online grocery shop that delivers the freshest of fruit and vegetables to your door. I remember as a kid seeing a truck roll down our street selling fruit and vegetables off the back, I often wondered why I don’t see that anymore. I’d certainly love it if my fresh produce was delivered. Well, now it is.
So I went onto The Lettuce Shop website, registered, perused the menu and within a few clicks had ordered my week's worth of fruit and vegetables, all within about 10 minutes. I was also given 3 different delivery day options for my suburb (brilliant!). The Lettuce Shop does not only offer fruit and vegetables, they also sell milk, juice, eggs, dairy products, herbs, nuts and other various grocery items. They source all their quality produce from the Canning Vale markets and stock WA and Australian products - more reason to support this family owned business. Oh and they stock Whistler’s big freckles by the box! Are you hooked yet? If not I suggest you take a browse of their website.
I finished my Lettuce Shop order online late yesterday afternoon and today I arrived home to find my box of produce waiting for me, crisp and cold in a polystyrene box (which is recycled on my next order).

Check out the size of that leek!
For the working parent who has limited time to spend shopping this idea is brilliant. And I for one am never entirely happy with the fruit and vegetables on offer at the supermarket. I’ve purchased broccoli  and cabbage from the supermarket that hasn’t made it through the weekend, pretty sad considering I buy my groceries on a Saturday. I read on The Lettuce Shop’s website that the produce is kept in a refrigerated packing room and delivered in purpose built refrigerated vehicles so the produce is kept chilled from shop to you.
I was tempted to crank up the slow cooker tonight, with vegetables this fresh I don’t want to wait another day to eat them! Next week’s order will definitely include freckles.

*this is not a sponsored post - I just wanted to share the excitement of home delivered goodies!

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