Friday, 12 August 2011

Don't wish away your days...

“Life’s too short” I hear people say, yet I continue to hear the counting down of days until Friday, the next holiday, the arrival of an eBay purchase. I am not into counting down days, I am too busy enjoying today.  I don’t want to be wishing my days away.
So, think of one special thing about your day today...well go on then, share it with me!
While you are pondering I will share some whimsical images with you.

{image source: Pinterest}


  1. Anonymous9:06 pm GMT+8

    I made tastiest Pizza for lunch and Jaffa Choc cupcakes with Cointreau ganache...

  2. YUM and YUM! You know jaffa choc cupcakes are my absolute favourite!? The perfect combination for a lovely today. :)

  3. My day could not have been more special :)

    My beautiful Dad visited from Adelaide!

    He's not seen Max in nearly 3 months, so it was so special :)

    I hope your day was equally as special xx

  4. Oh that's just lovely! I'm glad you had a special day. xo


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