Monday, 22 August 2011

Annasha Day Spa Retreat

This weekend my sister-in-law treated me with a 90 minute re-energising winter treat at a day spa. I was very grateful that she thought of me and very excited, my shoulders were screaming out for some attention! Prior to our appointment I looked online at the day spa and was very impressed. However I seriously had no idea how luxurious this place would be in the flesh.
Annasha Day Spa Retreat is nestled in among the trees in Gooseberry Hill. When we pulled in I was instantly captivated by the serenity of the lush green gardens. It felt like we had pulled off the road and entered a retreat in another time and place. The owners have maintained the original one hundred year old building without altering the structure.

On our arrival we relaxed in Louis style armchairs in the reception area. This was my opportunity to ogle the reception. Simply beautiful. The colour theme is white and turquoise and the furnishings are modern and elegant. A chandelier complements the entrance beautifully.

After we changed into our robes we were led into a double room. The treatment started with a hot towel wrapped around my feet followed by a soothing back massage, foot massage, hand massage and a mini-facial. At the start as I was relaxing I noticed how beautifully quiet it was. Aside from the relaxing music playing quietly in the background I could hear birds outside in the tall trees surrounding the spa adding to the tranquillity of the retreat. The location and ambience of the spa are nothing short of perfect. 
As the facial started I was thinking I probably would not enjoy the facial as much as the massage (I am more into the massage) and then the therapist started massaging my head. I promptly took that thought back.  Every minute was truly rejuvenating and proof that the therapists aim to nurture the soul and restore the wellbeing of their clients.

At the completion of our session we were led to a relaxation lounge for refreshments. The relaxation lounge is an open room with quality furnishings and walls adorned with stylish pieces keeping within the modern decor without retracting from the style of the building. The decor of the entire spa is impeccable. I of course, with all my curiosity, asked one of the owners Anna, who was responsible for the interior.  I was expecting to hear they had commissioned an interior designer however discovered the owners, Anna and Sharon, did the interior themselves! Amazing. Is there anything these girls can’t do!

Anna kindly gave us a tour of the other rooms and I was impressed by each and every one. My favourite room was one called The Princess Room. Exquisite. Pink embellished wallpaper lines one wall and a chandelier hangs in the middle of the room. Breathtaking. I would want to keep my eyes open for the hour and a half in this room, the decor would only complement the treatment. Fit for a princess!

I walked out of Annasha not only rejuvenated and relaxed but completely mesmerised by the decor and the service. From the moment we entered we were made to feel extremely welcome and the staff were friendly and genuinely hospitable. It is obvious the aim of Annasha’s staff is to ensure the experience is memorable from the minute you walk in until the minute you leave. Annasha is a must-see for those living in the Perth metro area. And if you are passing through and have a couple of hours to spare, this is where you want to be!
 {my pocket camera shots do not do the spa any justice - it has to be seen to be truly appreciated}

*Note: this is not a sponsored post, I simply want to share the wonderful experience that is Annasha Day Spa Retreat. Annasha’s facebook page features regular specials.


  1. Aaaah. Looks like bliss - so I can only imagine how it would have felt.
    One for the wish list.

  2. Oh, how BEAUTIFUL!!!

    And what a beautiful sister in law :)

    Sounds like the most wonderful day! xx

  3. It was truly amazing Shar, definitely one for the wish list. :)

    @Cherie, my SIL is lovely, so thoughtful. I had a beautiful afternoon. xo

  4. Anna Murphy1:17 pm GMT+8

    Hi Peggy, we are so grateful for this beautiful blog, you bought tears to my eyes as you described our Spa in a way that we intend to be received by all our clients. It makes us love what we do so much more when we get this kind of appreciation. Wow Girl you can write beautifully!!! Huge Thank you again :) Anna Murphy

  5. Thank you Anna. Honestly, what I wrote is exactly how your spa and the service we received made me feel. You should be very proud.

    You're very welcome. xo

  6. Fabulous spa center! It's quite huge and very classy. Venue, view, ambiance are just one of the major factors that most spa clients oversee when they go spa. It's indeed important to have a well inviting and pampering venture.


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