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The Self-Love Guide for the Working Mum eBook
Several years ago I started to realise I needed to fine tune this working mum gig. I was finding myself too frequently exhausted and struggling to get through the million tasks that is required of a working mum. I was becoming resentful for my choice to work and knew that I had to do something.
I started out focusing on small areas by establishing boundaries and setting up a solid routine. It didn't take a lot of effort or a lot of time, however until I made an active decision to make those adjustments I was blind to my own power in gaining control over my day-to-day life.

I have compiled a series of no-nonsense tips and would love to share them with you in my very first eBook, The Self-Love Guide for the Working Mum. It isn't rocket science and I am not the first working mum to work it out, but I feel sometimes we all need a little reminding. And especially when it comes to loving ourselves and giving ourselves the attention we deserve within a hectic working mum lifestyle.

The Self-Love Guide for the Working Mum isn't only for the working mum, it is a practical guide for any mum that finds herself on a path of self-development and is keen on practicing frequent acts of self-love. It is compiled of 40 pages of text, beautiful images by Flossy Photography and a lovely design by MooZoo Designs. Not only is my eBook full of sensible tips it provides the reader with an easy-to-read layout. I have provided you with two testimonials written by Stacey of Veggie Mama and Debra of Home Life Simplified as seen below. I was interviewed by Working Mums Magazine about my eBook, you can read the interview here.

To purchase your very own copy of The Self-Love Guide for the Working Mum for $4.95 please click on the link below. Following purchase via Paypal you will instantly receive your individual download link, the eBook downloads in PDF format. If you have any problems receving your downloaded copy please contact me via email cakecrumbsbeachsand@gmail.com.

I hope it inspires you to make relevant changes to your busy life and that it contains something useful for you. I welcome feedback via my email.

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Tired? Busy? Frazzled? A lot of mums are. Peggy has made the decision that as a mum, she doesn't want to be, nor needs to be these things. With a few conscious choices and a huge dollop of being kind to herself, she is striking a balance between work and family that is getting that much more successful every day. Her self-love philosophy colours all her decisions (I'm particularly fond of the one where she gives herself permission to be in her PJs occasionally and just BE), and that in turn filters into the many compartments in her life where people are relying on her. With excellent, practical advice dispensed with humour and humility, I recommend this book to anyone who wants to know how to start making life work better, not just mums. But as mums, we're often the ones that need it most!

Stacey Roberts - Veggie Mama

"The Self-Love Guide for the Working Mum" is a great read for any mother really. It offers practical suggestions for managing day to day life so you can take care of yourself, your work life and your family. One great point she shares is her son not taking part in outside school activities since he already spends so much time at school and after school care. She prioritises their time together over the "should" of others' expectations of what is usual for a young boy's Saturday schedule of sports activities. I love Peggy's "get real" talk, my favourite example of which is "cut the drama" in chapter four when she talks about ridding your life of everyone else's drama. One of the best sections of this eBook is the one tackling mother guilt for working mothers - Peggy shares the ways she balances her work with still being there for her son. Such a great eBook I am sure many mothers will gain both fabulous tips and perspective!