Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Midweek bliss

Image by Krista Keltanen

 Long drawn out morning coffee  Jeans and t-shirts  Ugg boots, not stilettos  Dinner cooked at lunch time  Daytime TV (I know, probably won’t happen, but it could)  Writing all day  Afternoon naps  Midweek laughs with my bestie (I can’t wait to sit on her deck in the sunshine and whittle away the hours chatting)  Breakfast sitting down, not eaten on the run  Dog walks, shop runs  Afternoon tea in the sun  Phone chats  I might even get through my email for once!  Reading, oh I can’t wait to lay on the lounge with a good book, during the day, midweek (this is so novel I can’t even imagine what this will feel like)  No rushing  No peak hour traffic  No watching the time every five minutes for the first two hours of my day  Phone on silent. House silent. Head silent. 

Three weeks and counting. My life as I have known it for 23 years will change and my heart and soul cannot wait. I can't stop smiling, thinking of the freedom that will prevail. I have loved my career and feel incredibly blessed for the opportunities I have been presented with (truly blessed), but I am ready.

At one point, when I first started to realise I no longer loved working full time, I had planned to retire when I hit 50. FIFTY YEARS OLD! That is nine years away, how would I have lasted another nine years of full time, five days a week work? Impossible. I have been ready for this for a long time. I am so glad I listened to my authentic self.

Three weeks and counting.


  1. Oh wow! I'm jealous. Giving up work would be bliss... I've got so many more important things to do than work for a living. If only someone else would pay my bills...


  2. Yep, sounds absolutely perfect Peggy. After 23 years, you MORE than deserve it. There are so many lovely things about being at home and you'll find plenty of inspiration for your writing too xo

  3. Woooo hoo!
    So excited for you - and by what you have created in your life.
    :-) xx


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