Saturday, 10 March 2012

Stop. And breathe.

| Image: Julia Trotti |

I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks. Last week was INSANE! School just seems to be getting busier this year and requires more parent involvement than in past years (which I love!). Last week we had 2 normal school days, then 2 days of excursions which required drop offs and pick ups outside of school (and my old scatter brain had to remember this!) plus a day at a program my son does at another school which requires me to drive him there and back to school, along with 3 other students. Then throw work into the mix and chores and remembering to change after-school care days (of course I forgot, and they called wondering where my child was) and did I mention work and chores? Phew! It was a crazy week.

This week seems to have settled down somewhat, but my head is still all over the place. I intend on not doing too much this weekend. A coffee with girlfriends, some baking, some beaching and a lot of not much else. I went on a cleaning rampage last night so the abode is clean enough for the weekend.  I decided today that tonight would kick of a whole lot of lazy. I have started it by chilling on the lounge browsing inspiring sites and images. I came across this video on one of my favourite blogs, Cakies, and it made me smile. I love seeing videos of bloggers, it's nice to be able to put a voice and facial expressions to the face. Cakies is all about the lovely and creative life of Rubyellen and her adorable family. Check it out, how bubbly and friendly is Rubyellen! You might also want to ogle her blog Cakies.

I’ve also been coming across some truly inspiring blogs these past few days. I am partial to Finnish sites, I have this inbuilt sense of pride whenever I come across one that I find inspiring. This site belonging to Krista Keltanen, a Finnish photographer, had me wide-eyed late one school night and although I knew I should have switched off and gone to bed I just couldn't drag myself away. Just beautiful.

| Image by Krista Keltanen from Etsy |

And then today I stumbled across this lovely site. In Spaces Between is the baby of Rachel, a positively inspiring 'inspiration junkie'. Is it too early to say I love her? 

| Image: In Spaces Between |

How do you plan on spending your weekend? Do you sometimes decide to throw all chores aside and devote a day or two to just being? I think it's imperative. So if you need permission to do that this weekend, give it to yourself. I initially had this plan in my head which I had concocted over the course of my day, which involved lots of productivity and creativity. I had thoughts to get stuck into some food shots with my new lens (a pre-birthday gift to myself) which of course requires a heap of cooking and food prepping. And then there's the issue of the car that is about to retire and in desperate need of a replacement which means shopping. I hate shopping. But you know what, today I decided not this weekend. There is always next weekend.


  1. thank you for pointing us in the direction of rachel's blog, it looks just divine!!

    as for the weekend - i'm lucky in that most weekends, are 3 days long for me, friday, saturday and sunday. today was a lay-a-bout relaxing one, where we just chilled in front of the tv. tomorrow, some chores around the house before a long overdue catch up with some mates down secret harbour way. sunday is start of the big spring clean of the house while Guv is at work - something which i'm *unexpectantly* looking forward too - yes i don't understand it either!

    good luck with the car hunt, we got a new one in nov last year - lancer, her name is stella and i love her to pieces!

    and you're the 5th person i now know who has a birthday in march - popular month!!


    1. Isn't Rachel's blog just lovely! I love it!

      Your weekend sounds great, I love a bit of productivity and a bit of rest. Spring cleaning is great, I totally understand it.

      The car hunt is tedious, I just can't pull my finger out! I know I'll get there eventually. :)

  2. So glad you posted that video of Rubyellen - I simply love her - isn't she adorable - what a beautiful family she has. I think being a mother of 4 daughters would be my version of heaven (although I think I am in heaven right now with just one). She is so creative - I love her photography of her family.

    Enjoy your (well deserved) lazy weekend! I plan on doing exactly the same.

    p.s I bought some grey Marimekko unikko fabric and plan on making placemats for our dining table - will post a photo to show you when I'm done.

    1. Rubyellen is adorable Teresa, such a sweetie. Her family is a result of her love and approach, she is very family focussed. I admire her creativity and dedication to her family. Just lovely. :)

      Enjoy your lazy weekend too. I look forward to seeing the placemats, I'm sure they'll look beautiful. xo

  3. Yes, there is always next weekend.
    Enjoy some down time beautiful.
    :-) x

    1. Will do lovely, you enjoy yours. The weather is just superb isn't it, another beach day today me thinks! xo

  4. I love that phrase 'kicking off a lot of lazy'. I don't do enough lazy. Maybe we should add 'do lazy' to our lists everyday and make sure we tick it off?

    1. Absolutely, great idea Vanessa! 'Do lazy', I like it!!

      I hope you get some lazy done in your weekend. xo


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