Monday, 13 February 2012

We Heart Life

Recently I started contributing a monthly post over at We Heart Life. I love what the girls do over there, writing about health, food, fashion, love, art, travel, parenting, life balance and all things positive. As you probably I know I Heart Life, so how honoured was I when I was asked to join the team! 

Today my first post was published. If you would like to read it you can do so here. While you're there check out some of the other articles. Be prepared for some fabulousness in the form of inspiring words from some inspiring young ladies. 


  1. Congratulations, you!!
    :-) xxx

  2. Well done, peggy!!!

    I love that you're making your writing dreams a reality!!

    1. Thank you Laura, it sure feels good putting my heart and soul into what makes me happy. :)

  3. Hey Peggy!
    I just read your post over at
    I don't even have words...
    I totally agree with 'don't sweat the small stuff'. I am a hairdresser and hear all sorts of complaints. It is amazing what some people put negative energy towards!!
    I have always been a positive sort of person, but late last year I could feel myself being dragged down by a few people around me. I quickly snapped myself out of it, and I decided this year my motto was going to be 'don't sweat the small stuff'! So I loved that I read that in your post :)
    I wish you all the best Peggy! {hugs!} You and your brother are so strong, I admire that very much.
    Rach x

    1. Hey Rachel, thanks for checking out my post at Edenland. It felt good to get that out! It's odd but at the time in the midst of it I didn't realise how traumatic it truly was, I do now. I remember at the time my brother had just come home from rehab for his first weekend. I was nervous and was trying to help him and my Mum by making it as smooth as possible for him. I went into work on the Monday and a colleague was telling me about her dog and how a vet visit was distressing and she was very upset. I couldn't sympathise with her at all, I had just spent the weekend heartbreakingly watch my brother try to adjust to his new life and as much as I love dogs I just couldn't relate at that point (now I might). I understand now that it is all relative and what upsets some wouldn't others. But perspective is a fine thing.

      Good for you Rachel, avoiding negativity is the key. It can be soul-destroying hearing it all the time and it's too easy to get dragged into it. Don't sweat the small stuff, awesome motto! :)

      Thank you for your kind words.



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