Friday, 9 December 2011

Grateful for adventure!

This week has been quite an adventure for me! First eBook released, first guest blog post, first interview. I have felt such a huge wave of accomplishment and have felt exceedingly proud (although humble) of myself for seeing something through to its final stage. I wrote an eBook. And I launced it. I am still pinching myself four days later. I actually did it.

When the very first sale came through not long after I launched my eBook on Monday morning, I swear I did a little dance around the house. Not because I made $4.95 minus some 42c on fees, but because someone, SOME ONE, wanted to read my words. I can't explain how that feels. It's just, amazing. So you can imagine my delight when ten people bought it, and then 15. And since then I have stopped counting as I am astounded people are interested in what I have written, not as I don't think it is worth reading, but it's me we're talking about, little old me.

Continuing on from this astonishment I have received the kindest of words in emails from readers and friends and fellow bloggers, offering feedback on my eBook. I just can't thank everyone enough for their support. The support and ongoing encouragement has only heightened my excitement - there are some truly generous and kind souls out there!

So while I initially kicked myself for not pursuing my love of writing earlier ie when I left high school, I know now timing is everything. The passion has always been there but the drive and circumstances were not ready. Now they are ready. I am writing and I love it. I am driven, I am determined, and I am loving it. And if my eBook sales stopped at one I would have been just as excited that one person, one person, was interested in my words. To know I have inspired at least one person has made me a very grateful soul.

I have loved Maxabella loves' grateful posts since I first started blogging. I look forward to Friday and I love thinking about my gratitude throughout the week and what has made me smile in deep appreciation. I am never short on gratitude however this week my recently rediscovered passion puts quite the spring in my step.

What are you grateful for this week? What has put a spring in your step?

Please pop over to Maxabella loves and check out some other grateful bloggers. Say hello to one that stands out for you. 


  1. Anonymous7:31 pm GMT+8

    So lovin your book, about half way through, kids on hols now, keep getting interupted!!

  2. Glad you had a great week and that your ebook was liked and bought by many more than SOME ONE.

    deb xxxx

  3. Thank you Jen, I am glad you like it. Let me know which points stand out the most when you are done. Enjoy! :)

    @Deb, my week was just amazing. And in a huge way thanks to you and your support and input. So thank you. One day when we meet I will shout you a coffee...a really good coffee. xo

  4. It's a wonderful feeling isn't it. That realisation that you have connected with SOMEONE and I'm sure more than just one. Congratulations. x

  5. Yes it is a wonderful feeling Jodi. You've got it there, it is about connecting with someone.

    Thanks so much! xo

  6. Well done you!!
    I'm delighted for you - and a big fan of your beautiful work.
    :-) x

  7. Peggy, your joy and excitement is jumping off this 'e-page'! I'm so happy for you. I loved reading your book and it has inspired me to take action. Well done on realising a dream - You are a writer!


  8. 'to know i have inspired at least one person makes me a very grateful soul' - couldn't have said it better! thank you for visiting.. i'm new to your blog - it is very pretty! x

  9. Anonymous4:56 am GMT+8

    your words are very easy to read peggy. your writing and e-book deserve the applause. xo.

  10. How exciting!!!! What a sense of achievement and time well spent you must be feeling! Well done!

  11. It is so great when something you've poured effort into is appreciated by others. Well done you!

    Visiting from Maxabella's

  12. Hi there, I'm new to your blog from the rewind. Congratulations! Love hearing about passionate people full filling their dreams. Mel

  13. You mentioned that why had you not followed your passion for writing when you first left would not had the experience in life that you have now. Now you write from your own experience, trials and tribulations. Love and laughter, sadness and joy. Your journey through life which you're still travelling with grace.

  14. Yipppeeee! Wonderful news. I am popping over to have a peek now Peggy.

    Kellie xoxox


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