Saturday, 12 November 2011

We heart books!

I have always been obsessed with books. I love libraries. I love the smell of books. My son also loves books. I often have to gently guide him as he walks through the shops or on the way to school reading a book. It is an obsession I encourage.

If I could ever afford an extension I would not wish for a theatre room or a bigger closet, I would wish for a library.

Bliss between the pages.

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  1. I am the same, Peggy! I long for a floor to ceiling library and reading nook somewhere in my (dream) house.

  2. I always wanted a bay window filled with cushions kinda reading space.
    But the deck-that-Hubby-built is certainly fit for a literary princess!!
    The problem here is where to store the books - not where to read them.
    Just wondering - how do you feel abour e-reading. I'm still old fashioned and love turning pages!

  3. You are speaking my love language - books and a library with a ladder!!

  4. Oh for God's sake, will you stop being so alike! :)

    I dream for the same ...

    I just ADORE floor to ceiling libraries, & reading nook's.


  5. They are some SERIOUSLY beautiful libraries. I can understand you yearning for one of those Peggy. I love books too, but so rarely get to finish one these days, all my reading is done online it seems. Sad, but true. If I had time and space, a library would be on the list though :o) xo

  6. I would be a happy Peggy with a library like one of these. Or even smaller. But comfy, inviting seating and ladder essential!

    Shar I have bought 2 eBooks recently, and I have to say I much prefer paper and turning pages too. eBooks are very convenient; buying them online and being able to store them in one spot. But I don't think I will ever stop buying paper books. :)


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