Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Starting today...

What is it about self-doubt? Why do we often find ourselves questioning our own ability and taking the easy path out of fear? I thought about this today. I wondered about my three year plan. Why did I make it three years? I’ll tell you why, to keep me and my dream safe. To ensure I have two and half years to procrastinate and slowly make my way towards my dream and hope that all falls into place organically, all the while maintaining my current level of security. I did the same with my kitchen when we first bought our house – three year kitchen reno plan. It has been three and a half years.

So why do we not just dive in and follow our dreams? I often see people with a passion, a goal, a dream to be or do something they love, yet not a lot of action. I understand we need to plan; flying by the seat of the pants is just not conducive with a grown-up lifestyle of mortgage, school fees (and the rest) and mouths to feed. But when are we ever truly safe to just ‘be’? When do we reach a point where we no longer require more money? Do we ever reach that point? We get a pay rise, we spend more. We get a better job, we crave a better one. Where is the point where we stop and say to ourselves “I don’t need more money. I don’t need a better job.”? Well I can tell you. Today was that day.

I was driving home from work this afternoon and I started thinking about my plan, my three year, very ‘safe’ plan. What is stopping me from making it a six month plan? Fear. Nothing else but fear. I don't need funds to get my plan happening. I don’t need an office or space or anything other than my sheer drive and determination, my laptop (or failing that pen and paper) and direction, all of which I already have.

So, today starts my plan. I’ve already formulated a draft. I’ve listed what needs to be done, what I need to do it, and steps. That there, along with my can-do attitude, is my safety.
Six months.

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  1. Good on you hun. Fear stops me from doing sooo much. I hope you kick your goals in 6 months - I am sure you will :) xx

  2. Anonymous8:37 pm GMT+8

    LOVE. Kick fear in the ass with stilettos.

  3. Ah well done Peggy. And what you have said here about fear is so so true. I tend to procrastinate. For years, I have talked about what I would like to do... 'one day'... or when I reach 'the right time' I'll pursue my dream. But I look at many successful people around me, some older, some younger and they've all got a drive and determination to get where they've got. I do know where I want to be and funnily enough where I am NOW, I know I definitely wanted to be 5, even 10 years ago. So I will get there again no doubt. Slow and steady for me I think for now.
    But you, my friend, your wheels are on fire. Go for it! :o) xo

  4. Brilliant stuff.
    Go for it.
    'One day' and 'the right time' don't exist.
    Today does.

  5. Starting today is a great idea! I found out that if think you'll start tomorrow...tomorrow never seem to come!
    I also found that when we really want something bad enough, we seem to find out that by sacrificing somethings in life makes it easier to follow the dreams and actually make them happen.

  6. Oh I am so excited for you, Peggy. I can't wait to see what happens in 6 months - will you be taking us along on your journey? Regardless, we're here with you, cheering you on.

  7. Good on you. I love that feeling of renewed inspiration to go for it!

  8. @Sonia, fear is a dreaded feeling. But then I guess sometimes it keeps us away from harm. 6 months and counting! :)

    @Flossy, roundhouse kick with hot pink stilettos! KAPOW!

    @Julie, wheels are on fire, I love it! That is going to be my mantra on the days I doubt myself. MY WHEELS ARE ON FIRE! Thank you so much for your continuous support. Slow and steady is cool too, racing ahead and not enjoying the journey isn't ideal either. See you there when we both get there! :) xo

  9. @Shar, so very true. Today is THE day!! :)

    @My one and only loving Mother, never a truer word said. Sacrificing the less desired things in life only leaves space for the stuff dreams are made of. You know I have always lived by my dreams. Here we go! xo

    @Teresa, oh I am definitely taking you along for the journey. You guys are my little cheer squad, reminding me along the way what I am striving for. Thank you Teresa, truly appreciate your support and encouragement. xo

    @Lisa, that renewed inspiration is lovely. I cannot imagine life without it! It takes the smallest thing to inspire me and then I have that little spring in my step all over again!

  10. I'm so thrilled you followed through! You are so driven!



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