Saturday, 19 November 2011

I am grateful for...the messy one.

What is it about my husband that makes him ‘the one’? Off the top of my head his enormously generous nature and the fact he is the best father in the world. But there is a lot more to my husband than meets the eye.

My husband and I are opposites in many ways, but over the 11 years we have been together a lot of his goodness has rubbed off on me. I used to fly off the mouth at things that annoyed me. His opposite approach of tolerance amazed me from the start. Over the years I came to notice despite his opinion of people he would never gossip. He often won’t tell me what he thinks of others, only divulging his opinion once I notice a certain behaviour or attitude firsthand. I have learned over the years that his diplomatic approach is not only kind but by not engaging he diverts drama. This I like. I now strive to have a similar approach.

He has many beautiful qualities. He loves my family like his own - my Mother will never go into a nursing home as far as he is concerned. He will have way too much fun taunting her playfully in his own house! He is a fantastic father – our son has no doubt he is loved and never misses out on affection from his father. He puts us first – before his work or anything else. We are his priority, not by word but by action. He gives me ALL his money – yup, every cent. The guy didn’t even know he had a pay rise until I told him! He doesn’t want for much and appreciates the small things. He doesn’t like to spend a fortune on material things but won’t batter an eyelid when forking out on a good meal with good company. He is sensible but fun. He is level-headed and grounded.

During a very difficult time over a period of about two years he stood firm by my side. I don’t doubt I can be erratic at the best of times but during this period I was not easy to understand, even I had trouble understanding me. I don’t think he even attempted to understand me, he just stayed by my side, his arm around my shoulder. He has never, ever turned his back on me, despite bad behaviour on my part. Before you go thinking he is a pushover, don’t. He will stand up to me if I behave badly, however during times I have acted out of sadness or difficulty, he has understood.

He is messy. He always, ALWAYS fluffs around for ten minutes before he is about to leave the house, piping up with ‘Have you seen my wallet? Know where my phone is?’ and he is super grumpy, as in irrationally grumpy, when he is hungry. But he cooks a mean meal, doesn’t mind doing the laundry and loves me like no other. Friends have commented on how they love that he isn't afraid to get in and join the kids. He has donned a camo jumpsuit and gone out onto 'the battlefield' at Laser Corps, he will join in at birthday parties and play laser tag or video games, and has spent many a night playing xbox with the younger lads.

If he is willing to hang out with me for another three or four decades I will be a happy girl. I love that at the end of a long day I can come home to him. He may drive me nuts some days but I hate the thought of being apart from him. Even when we discussed the idea of him working away for a better income I chose working myself to have him close. He makes my gloomy days sunny. When it feels like the world is against me I know he is on my side. And the sight of him and our son laughing at something silly is worth more than all the money in the world.

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  1. OMG i think we are married to the same man! Everything you write is the same for my hubby - it is so great to marry our opposites in some ways and gain someone who is going to be there for the long haul, support you, etc and we are there to get them out the door and keep them in fresh undies!

    Your hubby sounds like a true "keeper"

  2. Fresh undies and wallet and phone in hand! Aren't we lucky?

    He is a keeper Deb, as much as I used to dream that I could 'train' him to tidy up after himself, I've come to see that the good qualities far outweigh the messiness. :)

  3. murraycrumble10:17 am GMT+8

    what a spunk of a hubby you have... wraaahhhh

  4. MURRAY!! He is a bit of alright isn't he?!

  5. What a beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL man!

    It's only fitting really, seeing as he's married to an equally beautiful woman.

    You guys have decades left together, of this I have no doubt.


  6. That's just beautiful.
    The real deal.
    I love seeing a bit of huband-love out here.
    Too much man bashing goes on around the place sometimes. (not in your space!!)
    Not that I haven't indulged in a good rant/vent myself.
    Here's to gorgeous men who are admired and loved.

  7. What a lovely, sweet post. SO nice to see someone talking about their partner with such love. xx

  8. Thank you Cherie, you're so sweet! He blushed when I told him I wrote a post about him, he is as humble as they come too. :) xo

    @Shar - Oh don't worry, I have my fair share to vent about him too! Ha! But for the most part he is a good egg. Occasionally a stinky egg but mostly good. ;)

    @Melissa - Thank you. I say it how it is, I voice the good with the not so good (but mostly good in his case). :) Thanks so much for stopping by. xo

  9. I loved reading this, Peggy. Nothing like a bit of 'husband appreciation' to warm the heart. Yours sounds just perfect. He has a warm smile too.

  10. I have something great to look forward in my old age.....torment by my one and only son-in-law....can't wait!
    He is one in a million xx

  11. He sounds like exactly the type of gorgeous man I could imagine you with and you deserve :) xxx

  12. @Teresa, he is pretty special. Sometimes annoying but mostly nice. :)

    @Mum, well as you know he is counting down the days for the torment! haha He often reminds me 'you know Mum will be living with us?', he won't put you in a nursing home. xo

    @Sonia, oh you are so sweet. Thanks hun, although I do think I got seriously lucky!

  13. Anonymous6:42 pm GMT+8

    Hi, that post warms my heart,so lucky to have that special love, found your blog via Grateful, will keep following too xx

  14. Thank you Jen, for the lovely comment and for following. So nice to hear from a new follower! :) xo


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