Thursday, 27 October 2011

My week in Instagram

Marimekko, Nespresso, homemade Finnish pastries.
Say no more.

The dog loves swimming.

Best buds.

Seriously, could not get more beautiful.

Afternoon lazies in the sun.

Marimekko napkin love.

This here brings me joy. And it fits in my handbag!

eBook research.

Marimekko, Nespresso, homemade Finnish Pulla and reading.

i heart summer. i heart mangoes.

i also heart Japanese fish bento for lunch.

Tove Jansson's Moomin. More about this whimsical character later.

Oh yes please!


  1. Beautiful!
    A visual feast right there.
    I'm off to poach an egg for brekky now!!!

  2. Your photos are absolutely beautiful Pegs. I must bring down few old finnish bits and pieces for your which, I'm sure you would like to use as props for your photo shooting.

  3. Your week in Instagram was delightful. You are blessed to have such a beautiful life :)

  4. Such serenity in all of these simple pleasures captured so beautifully.

    E-book! What a fabulous idea. Have you looked into copywriting also? I have a friend who does freelance copywriting in addition to her day job and really enjoys it.

    I am intrigued by Moomin - look forward to hearing more about him.

  5. Gorgeous photos. I can't decide which looks more delish, the finnish pastries, the mango or the egg!

  6. What a week Peggy! Love it all! I share the same love and devotion for my Macbook, I seriously dread the day it gives up on me. My last one lasted *just* over 3 years and the Apple technician told me that is about the life span for them :o/
    Have a great weekend Peggy xo

  7. Shar poached eggs are the best! Clearly I get excited over the runny yolk, enough to take a photo! ;)

    @Mum, thanks, I would love that. Bring it all down! xx

  8. Thank you Teigan. I do feel blessed and I see beauty in the smallest of every day things. The simple things make my world go round.

    Thanks so much for dropping in and leaving me a comment. :)

  9. Teresa I have thought about freelance writing but haven't really looked into it. I am interested though, how did you friend get into it?

    Moomin is such a beautiful character. I bought some books on eBay and they are just adorable. I will do a post with some more photos soon. :) xo

  10. Lisa they were all delicious! I have to say a soft poached egg is pretty much the bees knees though. And especially when there are 2!

    @Julie, 3 year life span? Goodness me, I am sure I would face separation anxiety if it failed me now! The convenience of being able to sit anywhere and type my heart out is lovely, I am much more motivated than when I have to go into my study and sit at the one spot. Definitely spoiled. :)


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