Monday, 24 October 2011

Frills & fluff over in my corner

Recently I have been exposed to anonymous comments on blogs that I love to read. Not nice anonymous comments, narky, snarly, catty comments. I even hate typing those words. Two blogs in particular that I am very fond of, BabyMac and A baby called Max, were both recently subjected to ridiculous anonymous comments about what they should or shouldn’t post on their own blogs. Because you know, bloggers really shouldn’t post what the anonymous nasty folk of the internet don’t like to read, on their own blogs.

There is nothing wrong with sharing your thoughts and opinions on things you read in blog posts that affect you, but I personally like to keep it kind, without assumption and definitely not insulting. Commenting on a blogger's weight, looks and criticising what people post on their own blog is just absurd. I would never go up to someone I barely know face-to-face (and I assume the negative anons of the world wouldn’t either) and offload my assumptions on their behaviour. If I was that affected by someone’s behaviour in the real world that I felt compelled to comment, I would do it with integrity and kindness. And certainly not hiding behind a mask, which ultimately is what commenting in a negative fashion as ‘anonymous’ on the internet is. Hiding.

I have in past years been very opinionated about what others do and say, and have even commented to others in a negative sense. However I have most recently found it feels so much nicer to not judge and not comment negatively. Not letting the unnecessary and negative thoughts enter my mind is so liberating. Not having to critique that which doesn’t even affect me leaves space to enjoy more positive thoughts.

My blog is all about me sharing the beautiful things. Yes I enjoy a thought provoking read or post like the next person however I have had more than my fair share of drama in my life that I do not intend to breed drama on my blog. This is my space to write when and what I like. It is my little place to delve and escape. I do not want the negativity sniffing around in the form of a miserable comment troll. All bloggers have the right to publish whatever they like on THEIR blog, so if someone feels they would like to comment and cannot keep it kind, why not put a name to it? If you stand by what you are about to write, then stand by it, as you. It amazes me that there are people that feel the need to blurt out insults behind an anon title. Name yourself. Be yourself. After all, isn’t that what commenting is about, sharing YOUR opinion? Do it with integrity and be proud of your opinion, with your name attached.

I encourage readers to comment on my blog, in fact I thoroughly enjoy reading what others have to say regardless of whether I know the person or not. I may not always agree, although most often I will. However if the negative anons of the www feel like trolling around cake crumbs & beach sand take my advice and don’t. You won’t like what I have to share; it is all frills and fluff. I’ll save you the time and energy up front and let you know I will be real and I will be me. Positive, optimistic me. And, I have zero interest in negativity or comments of the destructive kind. So if you really feel the need to share your negative opinion on something I have written, email me. Then we can have a one-on-one exchange on your thoughts. Or, I can completely ignore you.

** note: I love a healthy debate and can openly take constructive criticism or opinions that differ widely from my own. I admire those that have the courage to think and speak differently. With their name attached. 

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  1. This is something that gets to me also Peggy. I find it astonishing that anyone would write a negative comment on anyone else's blog... let alone under an anonymous title. Bizarre. It kind of annoys me too, because blogs are people's 'own' space. Sure you could argue that they're in the public domain and therefore subject to public opinion. But nothing good can come from negative outbursts at people, it's just highly immature. Or as you say, if they feel the urge to be mean, at least put a name to the gripe.

  2. Bravo!!!
    It is astounding to see and I cannot fathom why people would waste their energy on spreading such blatant negativity and nastiness. Especially under the cowardly persona of 'anon'.

  3. Well said Peggy!

    And exactly where my mindset is at the moment.

    I too, used to maybe judge from time to time, but with maturity, I have become more open minded, & more relaxed, & able to see that this big wide world is made up of so many personalities, so why not embrace, rather than judge?

    I love your frills & fluff, & always get the impression that your blog is just an extension of the amazing personality that is Peggy :)

    So thanks for being you! xx

  4. Well done Peggy - I hate that ANOn upset Cherie. If they had any integrity they would have left their name and stood behind what they sad. Instead they stood behind the safety of a wall.

    Good on you xx

  5. I love you desperately xo

  6. Julie I do agree in that we are putting our opinions and thoughts out there for public scrutiny however I think there is a right way and a plain rude way for people to comment. And under the guise of anonymous attacking the blogger with snide remarks is definitely not cool. A name is definitely a must!

  7. Exactly Shar, clearly some have integrity and self-respect and others do not. I personally prefer to keep it positive. :)

    @Cherie, thank you lovely. As someone described it to me yesterday my blog is my 'authentic self'. And I accept others won't be as positive and 'fluffy' as me, as long as they are kind or at the very least not rude. I loved the camaraderie on your blog after that comment. :))) xo

  8. Too true Sonia, integrity, that is the key. I personally think people react in that way due to insecurities, what Cherie wrote obviously affected them in a way that made them feel defensive. xo

    @Stacey, you know I love you too! xo

  9. This a great post Peggy, and just what I have been thinking this week...I did read the nasty comments on Cheries blog and was absolutely disgusted with what 'anon' had said that I couldn't help but switch myself off from the world of blogging this week. Comments like that are not necessary, I really don't understand people sometime.

    Thanks for finding me xx

  10. You're welcome Rachael, pleasure is all mine. :)

    I thought about this when I read anon comments of a spiteful nature on BabyMac's blog sometime ago, and then when anon appeared on Cherie's blog it really hit a raw nerve. I hate nastiness, there is no place for it in my happy place. And the blogs I enjoy reading are part of my happy place. Good to keep it kind hey!

    Thanks for dropping in. :) xo


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