Thursday, 6 October 2011

10 things you really didn't need to know about me...tag style!

So I have been officially tagged for the very first time since I started blogging by Sonia over at Life, Love and Hiccups, and as a result I now need to share 10 things you needn’t know about me. You’re welcome.
one...       i love sleep. i could sleep 12 hours solid given the chance.
two...       i am scared of moths. details not important.
three...    i once slept through a cyclone. my whole apartment block was evacuated. one guess what I was doing (refer to number one).
four...      i once met singer Kelis and spoke to her (i have a photo with her somewhere). as a result i now have a girl crush on her.
five...       i get nervous buying things on credit. i try not to.
six...         i get nervous at the thought of public speaking. i try not to.
seven...   i get cabin fever if i spend more than half a day indoors.
eight...    i am addicted to photographs. i have boxes and boxes and boxes of them.
nine...      i don’t do camping.
ten...        clean, crisp linen actually makes me smile.

And to pass on the tag love I now tag the following and await their wonderfully insightful lists!


  1. I cannot believe you slept through a cyclone!!!
    I'm quite envious as I can't even sleep through a cricket's chirping - much to my frustration.
    Like you, I don't embrace debt, public speaking or the not-that-great indoors.
    But I do photographs.
    Probably overdo them - but that's a-okay.

    We're off camping on Monday! I love it. I might post about it - you'll have to bear with me!!

    I have posted my ten things recently here -
    It's a good tag, thank you.

  2. Oh yes I can deep sleep. I do however wake up at the slightest unusual sound, I don't know how in my sleeping state I can distinguish the difference. But yes, apparently the loud evacuation knocking on my door that day was not enough to wake me up!

    I love to hear camping stories, so bring it on! I will head over to check out your ten things now. :) xx

  3. Oh Peggy, I love your list. You have done this so succintly, but still allowed us to learn a little more about you... which I like :o)
    How COOL you got to meet Kelis, I think that's a story worthy of a whole post quite frankly, love her music!
    You know my hubby often jokes with me that I could sleep through an earthquake, hehe, probably more my pre-kids days though, now I seem to wake automatically during the night :o/
    And I totally 'get' the being nervous of putting things on credit AND being scared of moths... we have had a HUGE issue with pantry moths for about a year. I got rid of them over the Winter months, but now... we're starting to see little flutters of them everywhere. Ewww!
    Mum on the run also asked me to post 10 things, but I STILL haven't done it. I better get my act together for you both xo

  4. I can relate to all of the above - though I amd incredibly impressed at your amazing ability to sleep through a cyclone. That's Gold! xx

  5. Thanks Julie, I look forward to reading your list. :)

    Kelis is just, ahh dreamy. She is tiny and powerful and confident. And she has THE most amazing figure. And hair. And skin. Can you tell I am crushing? I saw her at a small venue with a small crowd so I was up close. Then we got to meet her at the bar and she was so very cool.

    Something very gross about moths, I think it's the powdery wings. I can't stand them. If there was one inside I would have to leave until someone got it out. I would probably get long better with a roach. Gross I know!

    Kids definitely do change the sleep patterns, I slept much heavier pre-kid days. I can still get in a good dose though. :) xo

  6. Sonia I have been a bedhead since my childhood days. Although I was an early riser as a kid, apparently I would wake up at 5.30...that doesn't happen much these days. I even slept at a Kiss concert once. Come to think of it, I could make a list on weird places I have slept! haha

  7. Am I allowed to add to you list? Maybe at later stage.


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