Monday, 19 September 2011

Monday Musings - the weekend Mum came to town

This weekend was super special as my beloved Mother came to town. My Mum moved up north after retiring a couple of years ago. Although I was full of sheer sadness for myself that she would no longer be a mere 20 minute drive away, I was truly happy she was doing something she really wanted to do, for her. She has spent a good few decades running around after me, time for her now.
I got a visit from my Mum on Sunday. She brought along silk scarves she has been dying (she is a talented little artist my Mum) and I promptly lifted 3 of them. Aren’t they just gorgeous!

She also brought with her my grandmother’s Finnish cookbooks. How lovely! This book was published in 1951.

I love that my grandmother carted stuff all the way from Finland when she migrated to Australia. I was smiling all day that I got this book, I just love it. Mum also gave me a cookbook that belonged to her, I remember seeing it frequently as a kid. I have a lot of Finnish recipes to try out now! I hope they don’t get lost in translation.
Little bubbles of bliss... seeing Mum – always pure joy. seeing my son hug his Mummi. homemade lime tart. Finnish cookbooks. swimming. having grammar corrected by my son. this blog (a Scandinavian foodie? I'm there!). fresh flowers. rain. Instagram - there are some talented people out there.

Make your Monday great people!



  1. That's all kinds of wonderful - your Mum, the beautiful scarves, the precious books...

  2. It was just blissful. :) Hope yours was a treat Shar. xo

  3. How fantastic to have your Mum visit - sounds like you're enjoying every precious minute of her company...and she brought some treasures - look forward to reading about some traditional Finnish recipes.

    Peggy, I have to say it is so lovely reading the things you have to say about your mum and the comments between you both - you obviously have such a special relationship...I wonder if your Mum would think about doing a 'guest post' on your blog while she is in town?! (hint hint)

  4. Mothers are wonderful and yours looks very creative and talented Peggy.

    I adore the cookbooks. Such a treasured item to hand down. xoxox


  5. Thanks Teresa, we do share a very special relationship. She is my bestest friend! :) I think a guest post is a FABULOUS idea! I will ask her.

    Finnish recipes coming soon, complete with lessons in pronounciation. :) xx

  6. Thank you Kellie, she is very creative and talented. I have much to learn (I was picking her brain on knitting skills yesterday!).

    The cookbooks are just lovely, I am so lucky. :) xo

  7. Oh that book seems just fantastic for you! Can't even imagine how happy you were to get it! The scarves are beautiful by the way :)

  8. I am very spoilt! Very, very happy. And grateful. :)


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