Saturday, 3 September 2011

A letter to 21 year old me

Your figure is fantastic, do not waste time with that self-loathing business.
Enjoy alone time, you really do not need someone to entertain you 24/7. You are not lonely, you are bored. Get creative.
Eat more vegies. Eat less sugar.
Spend more time with Mum, you will regret not doing so when you’re older. Even though you have no interest in gardening, sit outside and enjoy her company while she is in the garden.
Help Mum clean. She will appreciate it even though she never asks.
Judge less. You are in no way experienced enough to judge anyone. Plus, you are nicer than that.
Don’t make decisions entirely based on emotion. Listen to your head too.
Be less emotional and less sensitive.
Speak your mind. As long as you do it with kindness you can say your piece.

Laugh more.

Don’t let the small things people say get into your head. Those very people won’t even be in your life in years to come.

Don’t base your happiness on relationships. Relationships only enhance your state of happiness, they are not the centre of it.
Keep travelling; don’t worry about a mortgage or driving flash cars. What you see and experience on your travels will bring you much more joy in years to come. And not to mention the friendships you will gain.
Spend less on clothes. Your closet will be worthless in years to come. And no-one will remember you for your shoes!
Slow down on the road. I know you think speeding is ‘cool’, it isn’t.

Love your friends, let them know you love them. Two decades from now you will truly appreciate their love for you.   

Worry less, read more and appreciate the rest time. You don’t have to be doing something ALL of the time.
Love yourself.

Love me xo


 What would you tell your 21 year old self?


  1. That I'm doing my best the way I know how! Live with no regrets! Be kind to others! Love your children with all your heart! Be kind to yourself! Don't worry about the little things! What ever happens, happens for reason as it was ment to be! And always follow your heart! Work hard and respect your mother! xx

  2. I think you followed all of those, well from my recollection as a kid anyway. Not sure about when you were 21, did you? You're the hardest worker I know, and the best cooker. :) xo

  3. Thanks Pegs xx I wish I did follow those when I was 21 but sadly I didn't. They say that wisdom comes with age...shouldn't I be smart by now??? One thing I'm sure of that I have no regrets, I look at it all as a road to to be a better person.

  4. That's very true. All of it makes up your journey, nothing to regret. I like to think I have learnt something from silly things I have done, and I can even laugh at some of them!

    You are very smart. :) xx

  5. So wise.
    Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
    I would definitely tell my 21 year old self to cut herself some slack.
    Might just tell my 32 year old self that too!
    Love this post.

  6. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, if I only knew then what I know now.

    I would like to see a letter to your 21 year old self Shar, maybe a post for Mum on the Run? :)

  7. Oh, Peggy, what a beautiful post!

    Isn't hindsight a beautiful thing?

    And by the way, you are drop dead gorgeous!


  8. Thank you Cherie. I will let 21 year old me know. :) xo

    ps...Since you're still a spring chicken you would have to do a letter to 18 year old you instead!

  9. Anonymous7:55 pm GMT+8

    Love it. Will have to do one of these myself!

  10. I would love to read that Sezzle! Do it! x

  11. I really like this post and I although I´m (only) 22 I sometimes think back to when I was in high school and what I would tell my teenage self. One of my favourite sayings is that youth is wasted on the young and I think it all has to do with hindsight, like the previous comments have mentioned. I´ve read your too sociable post and just like this post, the key message we can take from these "realisations" is to live in the moment because life is what happens while you´re busy making plans...


  12. That is very true Diana. I know I have personally spent a lot of time in the past on worrying about what ifs and feeling that lack of confidence, but without the experience and knowledge that comes with age there is no way really that as our younger self we could think or know any differently. Becoming of age is definitely something I enjoy (I know many dread getting 'old').

    Thanks so much for dropping in. :)


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