Monday, 15 August 2011

Whatever happened to good old fashioned kindness?

It’s funny how the universe blogosphere works. Today as I was driving home from work I had heavy heart thinking about the ever-increasing intolerance in our society. I have recently been hearing comments and opinions on various forms of religion and race and culture, that quite honestly make me want to punch someone in the throat (and I am not violent by nature). I could list a few of my least favourite comments word for word, which is scary. That's proof that I am hearing comments with a similar underlying ignorance about the same subjects over and over again. Scary.
Part of me was wanting to share my despair at the ever-increasing comments and opinions which I personally think reek of ignorance and intolerance, on my blog. The other part of me was thinking, “Didn’t I start my blog to share all things beautiful?”. Then I get online to see Maxabella loves’ post about over-styled blogs, asking bloggers to ‘let it all hang out’. How’s that for a sign! So here I am, letting it all hang out, sharing my heavy-heartedness with my 8 followers and hopefully a few more readers.
When I was a kid I had friends from all racial backgrounds and believers of all religions, still do. I remember, as a kid, not thinking anyone was any different to me, no matter how they looked or what their beliefs were. Still don't. And yet now as an adult I am hearing opinions that quite honestly baffle me. How did we, as a society, become so intolerant of our neighbour? Whatever happened to good old fashioned kindness? Tolerance? Acceptance?
I was discussing this very thing with a friend of mine who shares a similar perspective as I do on this subject. She said she feels it is an injustice to let people continue to think in an ignorant manner and feels she should educate them on the truth, the facts. She does however know she cannot do much to change their outlook therefore she is learning to 'let it go'. I could not have said it better myself. It is an injustice, and I just thank my little woolly socks I was born and raised to display tolerance and kindness and acceptance. Thank you Mum.
I have always been the one on the sidelines cheering for the underdog. I like people that are different. I respect all choices of religion and belief. I have no fear of the unknown when it comes to culture and if I want to know I will ask. Otherwise I will remain open-minded to all and accept those that are different to me. And as for the comments I find disturbing, I will learn to let it go.


  1. What a beautiful post Peggy!

    You know ... everything you said above is one of the biggest reasons why I adore dogs (and any animal!).

    Think about it, dogs have an unconditional love, and all they ask for in return is love. And maybe a couple of schmacko's? :)

    And they could not care less if their owner was black/white/yellow/orange/pink or blue. Nor do they care less about whether their owner is gay, or straight. They Don't judge you if you're rich, or poor.

    They truly love you, for who. you. are.

    And it's why dogs will always have the most special place in my heart :)

    ... We should all be like dogs ...

  2. Thanks Cherie. And that is SO true about dogs! They are tolerant and loyal, something I find lacking in society these days. When our dog was on his way to us (he was a rescue dog sent down on a plane from up north) I asked a friend 'what if he doesn't like us?' and my friend smiled and said 'he will LOVE you!'. And that he does. In fact, he loves everyone!

  3. My motto in life has always been "Live and let Live". I have been asked many times that how can you just sit there and have no opinion what happens around the world. It's not that I don't have an opion, but if I can't change it, I don't voice it. But as you say Pegs, the world has become a nasty, sad intolerant place. In my days there used to be even honour amongts thieves, no children or old were never targeted. Why is it that an old or a young for that matter cannot feel safe in his or her own home?? Intolerance within our society will only stop when we all stop being selfish!

  4. I totally agree with all that you have said!I'm the type of person who says sorry to a stranger in the supermarket when they bump into me, but have been silently losing my temper more and more at the rude people who don't even say anything back, or just ignore you! And I get annoyed at myself for being so bloody polite when I didn't do anything! They should be the sorry ones!
    I have noticed a lot of comments online lately are so uncalled for and rude, I think people feel tough behind their keyboards! An innocent remark on facebook a couple of weeks ago had me abused by people I didn't know, who I didn't even aim my comment to. I can't stand it!
    Sorry for the rant in your comments! Haha!
    Rach x

  5. I like your motto Mum. I am finding out it is less stressful to not get too involved in situations I cannot change. And I think this regular display of intolerance I am seeing is one of those things I need to learn to let go of. I am getting very good at not voicing my own opinion in such situations (and you know I like to speak my mind)! xo

  6. Oh rant away Rach, I am glad I am not the only one feeling this way! I too say sorry, and sometimes when I am not at fault. A little bit of courtesy goes a long way.

    I read a story yesterday that got my blood boiling - a man was innocently driving down the road with his wife and child in the car and some person rammed his car. He gets out to inspect the damage and got bopped over the head! What on earth?! Baffling.

    As for fb that's a whole other post! I have had to 'hide' acquaintances to stop myself from commenting on things I just find hard to comprehend. I guess it takes all types (and I read some amazing stuff out there too) and although I understand we all think differently it is the lack of tolerance and outright rudeness I find hard to understand.

    Thanks for dropping in. :)

  7. Great post, Peggy and I completely agree with you. I also cannot bear intolerance and I think people are too quick to judge others as 'different' rather than look first for similarities. As long as people are not harming others, I say live and let live like your mum.


    (I love that your Mum comments on your blog!)

  8. Thank you. And thanks for reading.

    My Mum is my biggest fan! I think she reads it every day. :) How lucky am I! xo

  9. Anonymous7:57 pm GMT+8

    I love reading your blog and I find it very interesting reading. I learn something every time I read it, never too old to learn something new!


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