Saturday, 20 August 2011

This week I am grateful for...blogging.

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One thing I am grateful for this week is blogging. I am absolutely astounded at the amount of  support in the blogging community, seriously surprised. Not that I had any expectations really or expected otherwise, but I had no idea it was this friendly up in here!
I have had mountains of support from A baby called Max. Cherie has been, along with my Mum, my own little personal cheer squad cheering me on every post along the way. Maxabella loves pops in to say hello, which always makes me smile. And then, I got a shout out from Edenland on twitter the other day. Seriously made my day.
I have come across some amazingly talented, awesome, funny, honest, heart wrenching blog posts and feel a little tinge of excitement that I too am part of the blogging world. I am inspired. I am grateful.


  1. Hooray for blogging!
    And your beautiful space amongst it!

  2. It sure feels welcoming. :)

    I am loving your blog, you're inspiring me to think about running...thinking... xx

  3. Blogging really is the best! I have made friends I never imagined I would make. I have a smile on my face every day because of this beautiful bloggy world! :)

  4. Warmest fuzzies! How fabulous are bloggers! So happy to have found your space on the net too, looking forward to following your adventures, family and of course pretty creations!

  5. Well said Peggy! I'm still a newbie at blogging and one thing that I wasn't expecting, but found, is the sense of community.
    Visiting from Maxabella's grateful blog linky thing. :-)

  6. Maxabella, you are responsible for my grateful posts, I look forward to the weekend when I can sit and contemplate all that I am grateful for. So thank you. :)

    @ Kellie, I actually have a spring in my step some days when I read comments and when I come across blogs that inspire me. It's a wonderful forum to get to know people we wouldn't otherwise meet. Thanks for dropping in. :)

  7. Carly, bloggers ARE fabulous! I am also looking forward to joining you and yours on your journey. Thank you for reading. xo

    @ Lisa, thanks so much for dropping in from Maxabella's blog (another reason I love that woman!). We can be newbies together. Have fun! :)

  8. Its growing on me too - lovely grateful post :-)

  9. Hi Peggy, I have just discovered your blog via Maxebella. I agree whole heartedly about blogging...actually quite frequently there is a post on this topic on Maxebella's grateful list...and I always enjoy reading them and can relate to everything that is said. Today, I'm grateful for finding your blog (thanks also to Maxebella)! Here's to blogging!

  10. Thank you Ally. I notice you like to take photos. I will be dropping in for a regular sticky. :)

  11. Teresa I LOVE your blog. The pink! (Can you tell I'm a pink devotee?) You had me hooked at the Marimekko Unikko pics! Lovely.

    Thank you for dropping by.


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