Thursday, 25 August 2011


Have I ever told you how much I love the colour pink? I love pink clothes, pink furniture, pink flowers, pink stationery, pink everything! I cannot get enough of pink. So today when I was ogling my newest blog crush 'i love pretty things' I was inspired to share some beautiful pink images I am loving on Pinterest. Have I ever told you how much I love Pinterest?

{Image source Pinterest}
What colour gets your heart beating faster?


  1. Love your pink page, very pretty! My favourite colour is purple and lilac, although I have taken liking to lime green and orange for some reason. I've noticed most of my dying is done in those colours as well as my paintings. Maybe a slight change in taste??

  2. Ooh maybe all the art is now exposing your creative side to new colours? How nice. I do love lime green, that would have to be my next fave colour after pink. I will do a lime green Pinterest photo post for you next time. :)

  3. Hi, I'm your newest follower!! Kidding. Just clicked over from Maxabella's post. :)

    Love your pink pics. I have a lot of blue in my kitchen. My fav blue ceramic mug, turquoise plates, blue glasses.

  4. I luuuuve pink too! I wish I was sipping on that delicious looking pink drink (in the last photo) in a room filled with those beautiful pink peonies. Pink is so girly and pretty, light and happy.

    I also love blue (which would my second favourite).

  5. HAHA oh snap Kristin! That's funny.

    I bet with all that blue your kitchen is serene. I love turquoise too. When I am sitting on the beach blue definitely makes me smile.

    Thanks for dropping in. :)

  6. Teresa don't you just want to pick up one of those drinks? The pink is so alluring.

    I love the blue Unikko theme of your daughter's birthday. I remember blue was a favourite of mine when I was a little girl.

  7. Oh god I love this! Pretty Pink Pinterest. Porn for the eyes and the soul right there :)

  8. A new follower and I follow back.

    And I love green xxx

  9. Don't you know it Stacey! So pink gets your heart racing too then huh!? Pinterest is SO swoon worthy, love it! Thank you for dropping by. :)

  10. Oh go on then Mrs Woog.

    Green rocks (especially in rocks)! xo


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