Thursday, 28 July 2011

Beach Baby

I was born to love summer... My childhood revolved around running under the sprinkler or spending the summer loitering at the local swimming pool. Most of my childhood snapshots are of us kids in our smallest of clothes with sunburnt noses and sunkissed faces. I lived in the tropics for 3 years as an adult and have spent most of my travels in tropical climate. Not much attracts me to the cold climate. In fact, I do not enjoy the cold or anything to do with winter. When I go to my happy place, it is the beach with the sand between my toes and the sun shining on my face.

So every winter I groan that it is too cold. My neck hurts, I get dry skin, even my bones ache {said with whiney voice}. I have tried to enjoy winter for the fashion – thick scarves, tights and boots, alas, no joy. This year I decided, on my little path to find inner calm, that winter is in fact something I cannot change, unless I move to the tropics. Don’t laugh, I have tried countless times to convince my husband we NEED to relocate to a warmer climate. Without him agreeing {yet} I have decided every year winter will still turn up with its cold wind and crisp mornings and early sunset and late sunrise, and it’s high time I learn to deal with it. Mind over matter.
It is amazing what we can talk ourselves into. We are 8+ weeks into the thick of our {mild} winter of crisp mornings and chilly nights, and suddenly I am not so bothered. I am even enjoying the attire more. I haven’t gone as far as waking up super early like I do during the warmer months to walk the dog, but I am definitely whinging less in my head. I bought two gorgeous herringbone throw rugs and find myself huddled under one every night on the lounge, slippers on, a scarf wound snugly around my neck - no neck pain, no aching bones.
Next on the action plan for accepting with a smile that which I cannot change: Mondayitis.

What have you learnt to accept or even like, that you previously loathed?


  1. Hi Peggy, let's see if the commenting finall works!
    I really enjoy reading your thoughts, and am hoping to find more positivity myself too. Not complaining so much would be a good start for me, I do hate the cold too so let's see how it goes in the winter! :) xx

  2. Hi Kaisla

    Positivity is a simple concept but is not always easy to adopt. I find the less I complain in my own head the easier it becomes to remain positive. Winter WILL be a good way to try! Good luck, let me know how you go.

    Thanks for reading. xo


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